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Robertson Burrawang Rovers Soccer Club supports BDCU Children’s Foundation

Posted on June 24, 2016 10:52 am Posted by Narelle Blackadder


The Robertson Burrawang Rovers Soccer Club (RBRSC) has nominated the BDCU Children’s Foundation for its annual fundraising.

Robertson Burrawang Rovers Soccer Club is holding its annual major fundraiser, Rovers Race Night, on Saturday 30th July from 6:30pm at the Robertson Bowling Club. As part of this event we are raising money to help the BDCU Children’s Foundation continue to fund the Youth Mental Health Nurse position for 2016.

The club has set a target of $2,000 for the event!  At the time of writing this article they had already raised $1,150 through their “Mycause – BDCU Children’s Foundation” charitable donation page.

Thank You Robertson Burrawang Rovers Soccer Club for your outstanding generosity!