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Last year on 10th December, Bundanoon held “The Bundy Shave Off”

Posted on January 24, 2017 3:39 pm Posted by Kirstie Graham

Our President, Kim Furness attended this community event  and was delighted to receive a cheque for $1,300 on behalf of the Childrens Foundation.
Heads and faces of men and heads of  brave women were shaved by Angie Smith and Jade Webster at the Bundanoon Hotel courtyard while the crowd cheered and music played.  The event was held on a beautiful afternoon in the Beer Garden of the Bundanoon Hotel and was attended by a very jovial and supportive crowd who were very generous with their money when the bucket came around!
Each year it seems to be more successful than the previous one with more entrants & supporters attending.

A fantastic total of $8000 was raised & the remainder of the money (after the $1,300 amount they gave us) went to the Bowral Hospital Children’s ward for a new ECG Machine. Great effort!

It was a lot of fun and there was a lot of teasing as each head was shaved…some guys a little reluctant to lose their lustrous locks!
They all looked very different after the “Big Shave”!

Thank you to the wonderful people of Bundanoon & the businesses who contributed to the raffle prizes.  We greatly appreciate your efforts.


Thank you Claire Fenwick & Southern Highland News for the images


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