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Cyber Bullying Forum – this Thursday 17th September!

Posted on September 14, 2015 3:55 pm Posted by Narelle Blackadder

The BDCU Children’s Foundation will host a public forum on 17th September, inviting cyber safety expert Susan McLean to speak. It is hoped that by inviting experts such as Susan,  will help us gain the necessary skills to combat the menace of ‘cyber bullying’ and ease its burden on the community’s mental health.

Prior to social media we used to know who the ‘bullies’ were, but in ‘cyber bullying’ in most cases we don’t and this can make the attacks more insidious. If we don’t understand this type of ‘bully’ we need to learn fast, and develop the skills needed to arm ourselves and our children, as it is always the vulnerable in our community who suffer the most.

We would encourage anyone interested to join us at Mittagong RSL at 6.00pm on Thursday 17th September at 6.00pm. There is no-charge to attend this most important event.


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